Sample a Taste of Fresh Blend

I’m a diehard late-night talk show fan. For the past few years, I’ve studied Letterman, Conan, Leno, and more recently Jimmy Fallon on what to do and what to avoid for creating an enjoyable viewing experience. When I came to Marist two years ago, there was no entertainment variety show. Naturally, I wanted to fill the void, and I teamed up with Jon O’Sullivan to create Fresh Blend.

Fresh Blend is a mix of elements from Entertainment Tonight, SNL, and Late Night that create “A healthy mix of entertainment.” The show features entertainment news, comedic sketches, and remote segments from around campus. So far, we have made one episode that made it’s debut last semester, and we’ve received a good amount of positive feedback. The amount of work and dedication this episode required exceeded my expectations. It took nearly three months to complete production, and was a valuable learning experience for future.

Here is a clip from our first episode. This segment is called “EMaristing Moments,” and was inspired by Jay Leno’s famous “Jaywalking” segments he did on the Tonight Show. In the Fresh Blend version, correspondent Alex Roithmayr ventures around campus asking students, faculty, anyone else he bumps into on campus one question to catch them in an embarrassing moment. For the first installment, Roithmayr asked people, “What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?” Thus, hilarity ensues.

Interested in seeing more? Watch the full-length episode.

We are currently in production for the second episode and hope to air it in early April.

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