Marist’s Best Weekend Deal

Photo by sweet_linda’s

By Marissa DeAngelis

Marist’s College Activities Office provides so many ways for students to get off campus on the weekends. By far, my favorite opportunity the office holds, at least four times a semester, is a trip into the city to see a Broadway show. Listen to this deal: transportation by bus to Times Square, a couple of hours to shop around or get lunch, and tickets to a Broadway show for $25! I don’t know how they pull this off, but I take advantage of this deal every chance I get. In the afternoon of February 28, I caught Mamma Mia!

I arrived at Midrise parking lot with my friend Kara at 9am, and we boarded the coach bus. After all students were accounted for, the bus departed from campus. Kara and I spent a couple of relaxing hours on the bus catching up, listening to our iPod and getting in touch with friends we were meeting in the city for lunch. My friend is a student at Fordham University in the Bronx, and Kara’s friend is a Fashion Institute of Technology student. This trip is a great opportunity to see friends from home during the semester!

Kara and I became excited during the last half-hour of our journey, as we approached Times Square and began to see some familiar sites, such as Madison Avenue and Lincoln Center. When the bus dropped us off right in front of the Mamma Mia Theater, we got off the bus and immediately called our friends.

Our friends met us in Times Square, and the four of us went to lunch at Junior’s, a popular Brooklyn-based restaurant located right next to the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. We had a great time catching up with our friends and enjoyed a spectacular lunch! Then, Kara and I said goodbye to our friends and headed to the Mamma Mia theater.

Our seats were AWESOME! I couldn’t believe that Marist College Activities Office was able to get 7th or 8th row seats for the students. It’s an amazing feeling when we receive our tickets, and in the corner the actual price of the ticket reads $75. I only paid $25 for mine! (Not to mention I got transportation to the city too!) Mamma Mia was spectacular. The music, dancing, and costumes were so fun! I sat in my seat the entire time singing along and tapping my toes.

We boarded the bus after the show to head back to Marist’s campus, well-satisfied from a wonderful Sunday. This is the fourth Broadway show I’ve seen with Marist, and I’ll be sure to continue taking advantage of this opportunity during my next two years!

Marissa DeAngelis (Class of ’12) is Communications-Public Relations major/ Global Studies minor from Rhode Island.

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