Birth of an Unexpected SheFox

Katie Meena on the air for her radio show "SheFox on Sundays."

By Katie Meena

My high school does not have a radio station, so when I came to Marist I was very eager and interested to get involved in WMAR (Marist College’s Radio Station). After signing up for WMAR at the Activities Fair during my first week as a freshman, I wanted to attend the first general meeting of the year, but didn’t want to go alone, so I dragged along my friend Alex Roithmayr.

At the meeting, we were asked to get into groups of two or three people – people you would be interested in having a radio show with. Each group was handed a “show profile” that asked for the name of your show, the DJs, and your type of show: sports, talk, music, etc. In addition, each group was given a slip of paper with a number (at this time shows were being chosen by random lottery). Because Alex and I were only first-semester freshmen, we were not expecting to receive a time slot, so we did not really pay attention to what was going on; we were goofing off, being loud and slightly obnoxious while acting like fools.

Suddenly, the person selecting the numbers from a hat called up to Alex and me, who were sitting in the back row, and asked us what our number was. “28!” I yelled back as he searched through the papers to find our number. Unexpectedly, he called out, “28! You two have a show and I know it’s going to be entertaining!” The next few moments just whizzed by as Alex and I frantically filled out our show profile in shock. How our messing around could be considered entertaining and therefore lead to us having our own show is something Alex and I have yet to figure out! Nevertheless, it was an anxious, yet exciting feeling!

It has been almost two years since Alex and I unpredictably started SheFox on Sundays. We love having own radio show and that is reflected in the fun vibe of our show each week. We play really well off each other and every so often our show pushes the edges and results in a wild entertaining experience.

SheFox on Sundays is a mix between a talk show and music show. During song breaks we discuss entertainment news, campus news, and pop culture. There are also movie and DVD reviews, as well as a weather report for the upcoming week and other random information. Because most people view Sunday as a lazy bum day, SheFox on Sundays gets its listeners up and ready for the upcoming week.

Overall, Alex and I both agree that deciding to have a radio show together was one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions we have ever made. It is a perfect example of trying something new and not knowing what to expect.

Tune in to SheFox on Sunday Afternoons 12 p.m.-2 p.m.

Listen to WMAR online.

Katie Meena (Class of ‘12) is Communications-Radio/TV/Film major/ Spanish minor from Long Island.

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