Mom and Sister Visit

Amanda Benton's mother and sister visit her while abroad.

Amanda Benton, currently studying abroad in England, documents the days of her family’s Easter visit.

By Amanda Benton

I never thought I’d celebrate the end of Spring break, but honestly, three and a half weeks was more than enough. So last Monday it was back to classes, and I wasn’t complaining…though a ten minute presentation worth 30% of my grade wasn’t necessarily the best way to be welcomed back. But before I get into the boredoms of school work, the rest of my spring break: On the Wednesday before Easter my mom and sister arrived in England.

Amazingly, I found their hotel with little issue. We went where they got their first taste of fish and chips. Then we checked in and that night we went to a pub with an open mic night (it’s one of my favorite places.)

Next day we were making our way to Saint Pauls and saw a line outside the “Wicked” theater so we stood in it. We met some interesting characters from Scotland, and bought tickets for the evening. Then, we went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, only to find out it was closed, so we went for a river tour instead down the Thames. It was pretty nice out and the guide gave lots of cool info. Plus, it’s a great way to see the city. Then we went to Saint Paul’s again. Got a tour this time. Fascinating. Lots of history. Lots of art. Most of it gorgeous. Princess Diana got married there. And, the views of London from up high are priceless…went to dinner. Then went to “Wicked.” Absolutely phenomenal. I’m a little confused as to how it’s so popular in the UK when they don’t know the story of the Wizard of Oz though. (New life plan = buy tons of Wiz of OZ DVDs and sell them outside the theater. Make millions. Travel the world. Retire.)

Friday morning we caught the changing of the guard… and by “caught” i mean stood on our tiptoes behind 8 billion other people and saw nothing except for a few glimpses of hats.

Afterwards I gave them “Amanda’s abbreviated tour of London.” They saw Saint James’ park, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, and the statue to Abe Lincoln that I’m a fan of. (Mainly because I don’t know why it’s there.) That afternoon we went on “The Crucifixion on Victoria Street” walk cause it was Good Friday. That night we just bought a movie (Public Enemies) and chilled in the hotel.

Saturday we went to Camden Markets in the morning. I seriously love that place. Then we went to The Tower of London and got a great tour.

Sunday was Easter. We went to mass at Westminster Abbey. Afterwards we made our way from the city to my corner of the UK and went shopping, running, and just walking around my small town.

Monday was their last day here so we got traditional English breakfast. Then we went shopping on High Street. I showed them all the famous stores. Then we found Harrods. I ate my first scone!! (It was pretty good). Then that night we saw “Avenue Q.” Afterwards we went to Haagan Daaz. Amazing.

Tuesday morning – got up bright and early to get breakfast one last time from our bed and breakfast (such good pastries). Then, in what was quite possibly the weirdest feeling ever, I waved them goodbye as they climbed into their taxi and headed back to the great US of A.

Amanda Benton (Class of ‘11) is a Communications-Advertising and Radio/TV/Film major from Spring City, PA.

3 thoughts on “Mom and Sister Visit

  1. AND a member of the Deans’ Circle! What a great account, Amanda! We’ll miss you at the Senior Dinner on Wednesday, 5/5. Continue exploring that small town…

  2. Hi Amanda, just thought I’d let you know that the statue of Abraham Lincoln you like in Parliament Square was a gift from America and has been there since 1920.

    It is a replica of a statue in Chicago, and was to commemorate the centenary of the Treaty of Ghent and the completion of 100 years of Peace among English-speaking peoples.

    You can find out more at the UK national archives website:

    Enjoy your time in London and Europe!


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