Trip to Leeds

Royal Armory Museum in Leeds

Photo from JamesHolden’s Flickr

By Amanda Benton

To finish up my spring break I went to Leeds with Nora. After spending a rediculously high price for a round trip ticket (86 pounds is completely unnecessary, really), we arrived in Leeds in truly beautiful weather around 1 p.m., got some lunch and made our way to our hotel.

1. The Royal Armory: Here we saw lots of cool weapons, including an umbrella gun, spears and bows from medieval times, one of James’s Bonds gun, King Henry VIII’s armor, and the only surviving elephant armor in the world (which makes me wonder exactly how successful this armor was.) It was four floors of mostly fascinating exhibits.

2. The Leeds Museum: Here we learned the history of Leeds. There was a huge map of Leeds (that took up an entire floor), as well as a lot of other interesting artifacts. It may not have been the greatest place in the world, but it was really good to learn the history of a part of England that wasn’t London or some huge castle.

3. The Bridge where the first moving pictures were filmed. This may be quite self-explanatory…in 1866 Louis le Prince experimented in cinematography in Leeds. In 1888 he used a one-lens camera to film the Leeds Bridge from a nearby building, and thus, the first successful moving pictures.

4. The largest stained-glass ceiling in Europe – also self-explanatory I hope?

5. An art museum… x2 : One was sketches and statues which was really really cool – but it was also really really small. It was interesting to see how artists move from an idea (possibly a word or a rough sketch) to a more detailed sketch, and so on, until it takes its final form…Afterwards, we went to a bigger more traditional art museum. It was decent, though I think my appreciation for art in general has improved in the last three months greatly.

Amanda Benton (Class of ‘11) is a Communications-Advertising and Radio/TV/Film major from Spring City, PA.

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