Eton and Windsor

A glimpse of Windsor Castle.

By Amanda Benton

This past weekend, on an even more gorgeous Saturday we took our last Social Programme trip (special trips for international students at University of Westminster.) This time to Eton College and Windsor.

Eton really wasn’t that exciting, it’s just the most expensive high school in the UK (30,000 a year!) and lots of famous people went and go there (including Princes Harry and William, a ton of authors, Earl Gray, Flemming, and fictitiously, James Bond and Captain Hook — remember that the next time you’re on jeopardy). And it does have the oldest classroom in the world that is still in use.

Then we saw Windsor Castle, home to the Queen on weekends for Easter Week and the entire month of June. Supposedly it’s the queen’s favorite of her 3 (or maybe 4) residences (and I can see why).

It may have just been because it was, by far, the nicest day of any of our trips, but this is my favorite castle/cathedral/famous historical place we’ve been to. The buildings and the gardens were expansive. We got to walk through the state rooms and they were just unbelievable. The intricacies were incredible. Everything was rich colors, and gold, and ornate chandeliers. It was just jaw-dropping. There was also an art gallery inside, Saint George’s Cathedral on premises, and a three-mile long park adjacent.

However, all I really remember as far as facts go are this:
-160 people live there
-39 successive monarchs have lived there (making it the oldest still lived in palace)

I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you on it, but while this may seem incredibly fascinating to those who live in the US, the truth is I have seen so many bloody castles, I’m not overly fascinated by them anymore. They’re just pretty. And good weather makes a happy Amanda.

Amanda Benton (Class of ‘11) is a Communications-Advertising and Radio/TV/Film major from Spring City, PA.

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