2010 Freshman Move-In

Hello Red Fox Nation! Welcome to the 2010-2011 edition of Red Fox Tales. My name is Mike, and I recently began my freshman year at Marist. I am a Sports Communications major, and a proud native of Boston, Massachusetts. I am blogging here to share with you the excitement of my first Marist College experience: Move-In Day!

The night before I thought, “There is no way I’m sleeping tonight!” Now, I could sit here and tell you that I did eventually fall asleep, but that would be a lie. I laid in my bed and thought about Move-In Day. I was nervous, excited, scared, essentially every emotion I could think of. Oddly enough; the emotion I felt most was – impatient. I was so anxious to begin my life here at Marist. Now that the wait is over, Marist is everything I hoped it would be and more. The campus is gorgeous, the professors are both friendly & welcoming, and the people around you share the same passion for being a Red Fox. I instantly felt at home.

When I pulled into the parking lot early Saturday morning, I was instantly welcomed by two upperclassmen greeters. They made me feel so welcome and also made the process of moving extremely easy. They helped me every step of the way, despite the many welcoming activities going on around campus that day. Did I mention that approx. 1,000 undergraduates moved in that day? In total, the process of unpacking my car and moving everything into my room took about 15 minutes, (But I won’t lie to you, setting up the room and unpacking my belongings was the real challenge). I couldn’t believe how easy the process was, and how organized Marist was in preparation for students moving in. As the third oldest sibling in my family, my parents have experienced their share of Move-in days. However, they never have had
such a joyful experience of moving in one of their children into college.

After I got settled into my room and met my roommate, my family and I headed to the barbeque on the campus green. Together, we enjoyed my first meal at Marist. Before long, it was finally time to say goodbye. It would be the last time I would see them until Family Weekend in October. After that it would be till Thanksgiving. I’ve never spent this much time away from home, and if Marist was not such a perfect fit for me, I would have been nervous about the transition. But I knew that I made the right choice and never once doubted my decision in coming to Marist. I look forward to all the times,experiences and activities ahead here on campus.

The first night was essentially one of the greatest nights of my life. Meeting so many new people, and experiencing campus life here at Marist is something I had longed for. I began to get to know my roommate Mike, who is sadly a Yankee fan (Red Sox all the way!), and my neighbors, who have quickly turned into my good friends. Shortly after, my new friends and I all got together to organize something for the first and second floors to do together. It was a unanimous decision among us; we were hosting an N64 Mario Kart Tournament. It may seem extremely silly, but I never knew I would have such a good time making flyers with people, (Thanks to the computer shutting down twice, R.A. Anne continuously cracking jokes, and Julius being Julius), we eventually got that flyer done. I await many more nights like this at Marist, where my friends and I are making memories that will last a lifetime. I hope to post again soon, and fill you on my first day of classes!

Until next time!
Mike Brosseau

One thought on “2010 Freshman Move-In

  1. Michael,

    What a beautiful posting, what a great job………..I am so happy you are so happy. May you always be as peaceful, happy and joyous your stay there. What a awesome writting.
    Auntie Rose

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