Hypnotize me!

Tom DeLuca, the hypnotist from Friday night, blew me out of the water! I was very skeptical when I walked in, thinking that this was completely phony. It only took me 15 minutes to realize that my friend on stage would not do this unless he was hypnotized. One of my favorite segments of the show was when Tom DeLuca had someone believe he was the hero and savior of all fruits. Fruit were his friends and when Tom DeLuca told him he was very hungry, the fruit hero had a very large dilemma sitting in his hands. Let’s just say it ended with apple C.P.R.

Tom DeLuca also hypnotized two guys to believe that they were professional New York Ballerinas. They were both twirling and dancing with each other (very closely might I add)! It was obvious that some people were better participants than others and Tom made sure to include them. One girl believed that she was from an outer space planet and spoke in a foreign language to another participant who translated for the audience. I would have thought that this was all staged and the college students were just acting, but these were just regular participants and no Wayne Brady on ‘Whose line is it Anyway.’ I highly suggest going next year, from freshman to seniors, even if you have seen it before. The people will change, which means the act will change. I can’t wait to go again!

– Melanie G

My friends and I went to Tom DeLuca’s Hypnotist Show last night. Let’s just say it was a hit! We almost didn’t get in because it was a sold-out show (even though it was free!) The show was hilarious. I saw him last year too, but he gets better every time! He had almost 15 or 20 people hypnotized, which meant a stage full of college students dancing, pretending to be the gecko from Gieco, or insisting on being the protector of all fruits! One kid introduced himself as “the situation”. I’m always shocked by the random things that people say when they are hypnotized! It was absolutely hysterical. My favorite part was that Tom DeLuca leaves the students in a happy state of mind when they wake up. He says they feel like they have had a full night’s sleep and feel happy and healthy! It was a great show for all who attended.

– Chelsey R

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