Marist Women’s Volleyball vs. Niagra

The Marist volleyball team played Nigara September 18th in the McCann Center. The Red Foxes lost the match but put up a fight. In the first match they started out behind by a big deficit. They came back and ended up leading the set up until the last few points. In the second match they dominated the whole set. At half time Marist and Nigara were tied with one set each. The third set was a lot like the first set which ended in Nigara winning the set. They continued to rally in the fourth set to come back and almost win the fourth set which would have made the match go into an additional set. The crowd was very loud and helped pump up the Fox’s spirit! The louder the crowd seemed to cheer the more points the Fox’s won. Two yellow cards were given out… one to a player for Marist and one to a player for Nigara. I could not hear what they did to deserve the yellow cards. I had a lot of fun at the game and am planning on attending more.

What is even more exciting is that, by attending Marist sporting events, students can receive points through the Student Booster Club. At the end of the semester, your game attendance points and participation from general members meetings are added up and that determines how many priority points you are awarded. Priority points help earn better housing on campus. Not only was I able to support my beloved Red Foxes, but I was also able to get credit for attending and cheering on our girls! I look forward to returning to support the Marist Women’s Volleyball team in their next game on Sunday, September 26th at 2pm! Hope to see you there!

Ashley Jensen

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