Marist Red Foxes 39, Morehead State Eagles 45

First of all, let’s just discuss how much I LOVE football! Now imagine my love for football, multiply it times ten and that doesn’t even equate to how passionate I am about being a Red Fox!

I follow the same procedure for EVERY football game. The first part includes the pre-game preparations! I invite my “cheer squad” (aka my friends) over to paint their faces, put on red fox tattoos and put our football player friends number’s on our faces. Once we are all decked out in Marist apparel and paint from head to toe, we head to Tenney Stadium with red pom poms in hand and clapping hands! We are ready to cheer on our Red Foxes as they battle their opponent on our home turf.

Once we get to the stadium, we sign in with the Student Booster Club so we can receive participation points, which will help us earn priority points for this semester through that club. Next is our walk along the pathway to the student section where we set ourselves up in a manner that we can best cheer on the boys.

This week’s game was particularly entertaining. Although they ended up losing 39-45,that did not stop them from working hard until the last few seconds of the game. The first half of the game, in my opinion, had the most excitement. Calvin McCoy was the first to score for Marist with a seventy-six yard touchdown! It was exciting and impressive to watch! What was even more impressive and mind blowing was the fifty-four yard Hail Mary pass that Chuckie Looney threw in the last second of the second quarter, which was caught by Joe DeSimone resulting in another Marist TOUCHDOWN!!!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!

My cheer squad and I were faithful fans to our Marist Red Foxes until the end of the game, despite the uncomfortable heat and intense rays of the sun beating down on us. In fact, because the sun’s rays were so strong, when I took my face paint off after the game, I had tan lines around where the paint was on my cheeks! Talk about an awkward tan line! It was worth it to be out there supporting my fellow Red Foxes. We always cheer along to the cheerleader’s cheers to try and excite the other fans in the stands. More and more people have begun to get out of their seats and do the Red Fox Rumble!

Our esteemed football team takes on the Drake Bulldogs next weekend on Saturday, October 2nd at 2pm at Drake. Our next home game is on Saturday, October 16th at noon versus the San Diego Toreros. Hope to see you there! You know where to find me 😉

Marist College’s Biggest Fan,

Brittany MacLeod

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