Family Weekend 2010: Army Style!

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Marist. My mother, father and brother came to visit me from Massachusetts. Last year at Family Weekend, my parents bought the entire Family Weekend program passes so we could participate in every event that was planned. This year, since I am now a sophomore and am comfortable at Marist, my mother decided she wanted to take my friends and I off campus to show us some of the surrounding area and experience things that we do not normally get to do on a day-to-day basis. She surprised us with tickets to an Army football game at Westpoint!!! Mom said I could bring two friends, so I chose my roommate and best friend, Emily and other best friend, Jesse to accompany me with my family.

On Saturday morning, October 2nd, 2010, we woke up at 7am on the dot, quickly got dressed and ran down to the Midrise parking lot where my parents picked us up. The car ride to the game was exciting because we had never been to Westpoint before for a football game and we were also telling my parents about our festivities from the night before.

When we arrived to Westpoint, I did not know what to expect. The buildings were gorgeous and the campus was beautiful. It was nice to see different views of the Hudson. We were lucky because it was a perfect day! 65 degrees and sunny!

After we parked, we went to the field where the whole school was dressed in uniform and stood in formation for the parading of the cadets. It was really cool to see! It was alumni weekend at Westpoint, so we met a few alums who explained what all of the different uniforms and badges meant as well as which formation represented what. When the cadets finished their parade, 5 paratroopers jumped and parachuted onto the field!!! What a sight to see! The came in right over our heads!

From the parading of the cadets, we hopped a shuttle to Michie Stadium where we got to go down “Black Knight Alley” to have our faces painted, eat food and participate in various activities run by local vendors! Emily and I met the Army Volleyball team because they were selling their t-shirts. The cadets ended up convincing Emily to buy one of their shirts! I will have to get one next time.

Since we were wearing our Marist apparel we were stopped by a few people who inquired about our college. The most exciting of all of the people who stopped us was an older man who turned out to be our friend’s GRANDFATHER! What a small world! He was also wearing a Marist sweatshirt to the game. You never know who you’ll meet while wearing a Marist t-shirt!

After the Black Knight Alley, we entered Michie Stadium for the start of the game! As we entered, more paratroopers were jumping onto the field while cadets and fans were filing into their seats. The school spirit from Army was outrageous! All of the cadets knew certain cheers that they did at certain times during the game while the cheerleaders cheered and the Black Knight mascot walked around the field. Sadly, Army lost to Temple, but it was such a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see more of the Hudson Valley in action!

My friends and I have already begun talking about trying to attend another game this season! Thanks for taking us Mom and Dad!!! 🙂 It was a FANTASTIC day!

–       Brittany MacLeod

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