Girl Talk Comes to Marist


On this past Thursday night, Girl Talk rocked Marist. Although he is one of our favorite celebrity DJs, neither of us knew what to expect at a Girl Talk concert. However, we were thrilled to discover that Girl Talk is even more exciting live in person than he is on recording. He stood in the center of the stage with his DJ equipment, dancing as he leaned over his laptop and melded a variety of beloved songs. He mashed together crazy mixtures of famous songs. At one point, for example, the stadium anthem “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” was playing in the background as “Lose Control” by Missy Elliot played in the foreground. Crazy graphics flashed on projector screens, disco balls and dance lights flickered and over a thousand Marist students danced as Girl Talk blasted exciting beats for over two hours.


Throughout the entire concert, security was letting concert attendants on stage to dance above the rest of the crowd. So as Girl Talk did his thing, he was surrounded by a sea of Marist students. We will both always remember being on stage during Girl Talk’s closing song, an altered version of the classic song “Shout”. At the end of the concert we both made our way over to Girl Talk and thanked him for such an amazing show. By this point he was drenched in sweat but still took time to talk to his fans. We will always remember our first concert at Marist and only hope others can live up to this standard.


– Jeff Holmes and Owen Cobb

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