Running A Concert 101


For the past four years, I’ve worked every major concert that Marist has hosted, and I was lucky enough this year to run the event along with the SPC Executive Board, of which I am the President.  SPC, or the Student Programming Council, is responsible for hosting a whole bunch of events on and off campus: coffeehouses, comedians, lectures, Broadway trips, movies, and socials.  Planning and running the fall and spring concerts is a lot of work, but always a lot of fun!

Over the summer, the SPC board communicated through email and we decided on Girl Talk, a mash-up DJ, as our fall concert. Girl Talk had won our spring survey (where we poll students on who they’d like to see perform at Marist), but was unavailable for the spring. Fortunately, he was free and eager to visit Marist this past week!


Our concert week usually starts with shopping: anything that the artists have requested, we get through Sodexho (the school’s catering company) or go out and buy ourselves! It’s usually pretty fun seeing what snacks and drinks the artists like. We also buy lots of snacks for ourselves to get us through the long week – candy is our fuel in SPC!


One of the most important parts of planning the concert is stage build. Together with the staff of College Activities and hired stagehands, we the students construct the stage and prepare the gym for the concert.  It’s a lot of hard work and sweat, but it’s so amazing to see the huge stage, lights, and sound system that you helped put together yourself!


Finally comes the concert. All day, my board and I are busy doing last-minute preparations: setting up hospitality, helping with load-ins, getting the artists dinner, and posting the concert rules. A few lucky general members of SPC can earn staff passes, and they help us out with tickets, wristbands, and more.  Then we all get to finally enjoy the concert! For Girl Talk, this meant lots and LOTS of dancing.

Members of the SPC Executive Board with Girl Talk after the concert

Getting involved with clubs like SPC, the Dance Club, Singers, MCCTA, and a variety of others that put on big productions is a wonderful way to meet people and accomplish great things. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good musical performance every now and then?


-Laura Veltre

Class of 2011

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