Go, Fight, Win!: Red Fox Volleyball vs. Siena

Go Fight Win! That’s exactly what the volleyball team did. On October 10th at 2:00, Marist played Siena in a very quick-paced and exciting game and came through with a great win with the final score of 3-1 (25-22, 25-23, 13-25, 25-22)!! Since I live with two girls on the volleyball team, my housemates and I attend all the home games. The games are usually in the afternoon on weekends so they are great to go to in order to relax, talk to friends in the bleachers, take a quick study break, and become a true Red Fox supporter.


The journey over to the McCann Center, (which is where all the home games are held) is a quick walk from anywhere on campus. You can also swipe in your Marist id card at the beginning of the game to get points as a member of the Student Booster club, which we all are. For this game, my housemates and I decided to go all out. We got decked out in our favorite Marist apparel and even made signs for our two housemates on the team as well as the other girls.  Four of us arrived at the game ready to cheer the Red Foxes to victory. Once we got to game, we saw friends we knew and got to catch up and talk with them. Lots of people go to games either by themselves or in small groups to meet up with other students as it’s pretty much impossible to go to a game and not see at least one friend. We watched all three matches in the game and saw each girl spike, bump, and set the balls. The girls truly worked as a team, clapping and cheering for one another, whether it was on the floor or from the sidelines.


The game was over before we knew it! Afterwards, we waited to congratulate the girls. We took a picture with them and then left to go back to our house where we cooked lasagna and had a house dinner with everyone. Overall, it was a fun day and game with a lot of Marist spirit. However, in order to be a true Red Fox supporter, it’s key to learn to Marist College Fight Song! At most home games, the band will play this song in order to pump up all the fans! It has a great beat and is an exciting song that everyone loves to sing along with. Even if you only know a few lines, it makes the games a lot more enjoyable and is fun to watch everyone in the stands sing along!!


– Elizabeth Hoey


Here are the words to the Marist College Fight Song:

Marist College Fight Song

(to hear the tune click here: http://goredfoxes.cstv.com/school-bio/traditions-fight-song.html)



Marist College to Victory!

Verse 1

Marist, College, let the bells ring.

Honor, glory, your praises we sing.

We’re here with banners fly-ing,

Our shouts of victory cry-ing.

Alma-Mater, we love you dear.

Conquering, heroes, we’re here to cheer.

We have no fear for Marist College;

We’ll fight on victory.


Verse 2

Marist, Foxes, we’re on the run.

Uphill, downhill, having much fun.

We lure our every foe,

Into the Red Fox hole.


Scratch them!

Tear them!

Rip them apart!

Offense, defense

Right from the start.

We have no fear for our Red Foxes;

They’ll fight on to victory!




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