Alumni Water Polo Game

Over mid-semester break, Marist College was in the presence of some great returning athletes. The women’s water polo team had their first alumni game where seven recently graduated players came back to visit and play with the current team. Jessica Getchius, Hilary Schroeder, Rachel Sunday, Angie Rampton, Molly Mihalcik, Emily St. Omer Roy, and Samantha Swartz got to see their old teammates and meet some new members of the team. The 12:00 game started off with the current sophomores, juniors, and seniors on one team with the alumni and the freshmen, myself and one other girl. It was great to see how the alumni interacted with each other and how they played against their old teammates. Although always playing with intensity, the girls kept the game fun with old memories, nicknames and plays. Coach Ashleigh Jacobs seemed to enjoy seeing and coaching her old players as well.

Coach Ashleigh Jacobs

It was a great experience to be able to watch the skills and strategies that the alumni used. Coach gave me the advice of “picking up on the good” so I did my best to watch and learn. The alumni were really friendly to us freshman and they were helpful in giving us direction on where to go and what to do, especially when they ran plays that were completely new to us. After the game, Coach had pizza waiting for all of us and we got to sit and talk with the players. We were able to hear what the alumni were up to as well as get some valuable advice from them. They said to enjoy all of our time here at Marist and take every opportunity that was available to us. Although I have heard that from people at Marist, it was different getting it from girls who had successfully gone through the water polo program and graduated with a great experiences and memories. I’m excited to see what our season has in store for us!


– Kathryn Knutson

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