Cast of Lysistrata

I’m a sophomore and I’m in the cast for MCCTA’s main stage production this year. This weekend we opened Lysistrata, a classical Greek piece. It is a comedy and the show was HYSTERICAL and VERY well done. We’ve been rehearsing for the show for the past 8 weeks and it was awesome to finally be able to perform in front of an audience. The audience really seemed to enjoy it; we got a TON of laughs, which made all the countless hours of rehearsal totally worth it. The cast got really close through all the rehearsals and in dealing with the more risqué scenes in the play. It’s been one of my best experiences at Marist so far!

– Amanda Urban

Class of 2013



Melanie backstage with Lysistrata herself!

My friends and I went to go see Lysistrata, the play that MCCTA (Marist College Council on Theater Arts) put on for this semester. The cast worked extremely hard and I cannot tell you how many times I laughed throughout the performance. The play was set in ancient Greek times, but the language was completely understandable. I was amazed how great the costumes were. I thought they were going to take the sheets right off their beds and turn them into togas, but I was completely wrong! The costumes looked like they were professionally made along with their hair and make-up. The show was a lot of fun and the plot was quite risqué. I will definitely be going to more plays as they come up!

– Melanie A. Greco

Class of 2013

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