Foxes Takes on Fright Fest at Six Flags

“Scare” was in the air at Marist this week as students prepared their nerves for the upcoming mayhem of Halloween with a trip to Six Flags’ Fright Fest. The trip, which is made annually in late October is offered by College Activities and the Student Programming Council (SPC) in addition to the monthly Broadway musical trips. $20 buys one person a round trip ticket, entry to the park, and a night of terrifying thrills from raging roller coasters to dancing ghouls! Fright Fest has something for everyone!

The day began at 11am, where students began lining up in the Mid-Rise parking lot with their tickets in hand. The 3 hour bus ride from Poughkeepsie to the Six Flags Park in New Jersey was filled with private talk, ipod sharing, and a breakfast consisting of mostly animal crackers. Anticipation kept us at the edge of our seats as exit after exit on the NJ turnpike whizzed by. Fortunately, the SPC members that led the trip were able to keep us under control long enough to hand out tickets (without a massive crowd forming) and lead us into the park.

Cobwebs, skeletons, and paper ghosts were waiting to greet us as we made our way into the main square and Six Flag’s central attraction, a “blood fountain.” Even “Mr. Six”, the old man famous for dancing his way through the Six Flags commercials was there to welcome guests to the start of Fright Fest. Speakers lining the square kept spirits high with Halloween tunes as the roar of roller coasters mixed with the screams of their latest victims pulled us deeper into the park.

Following a quick pit stop for a proper lunch (chicken strips and coca-cola) we were off towards our main attraction for the day, Superman’s Amazing Flight. After all, what trip to Six Flags would be complete without a ride on the famous coaster? As Kingda Ka (a coaster we made a point to avoid as, well, cowards) thundered in the distance we took our place on line. The thrill of flight, however, soon proved to be well worth the wait as my friends and I were literally PULLED though the air. As someone who personally believes that some elevators are pushing the limits of speed and height I have to admit that I had a blast. This trip through the skies of New Jersey, however, was only the beginning…

The true adventure began at sundown, when Six Flags was consumed by an eerie fog beneath the ominous glow of a full Harvest Moon. Actors is full zombie garb took to the streets as shrieks of surprise, terror, and even laughter filled the air. While ghouls with rattlers and mock chain saws tried their best to keep the masses in a state of fear, one could not help but laugh as a child no older than 10, dressed as “Woody” from Toy Story walked up to one of the actors and firmly told them to “stop that!”

That little Sheriff reminded me what I loved about Fright Fest and Halloween in general. It isn’t the shocks and shrieks that appeal to me, it’s not even the pillow case full of candy that I got to lug home as a child. One would suspect that the thing I love the most about this time of year is going out with my friends, but I can do that any time. No, what I TRULY love about Halloween is that it is the ONE and ONLY time of year that I get to wear a cape in public.

Mike Johnson sporting his Superman Cape!

From all of us here at Marist, HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

-Michael Johnson
Class of 2013

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