Gartland’s Safe Trick or Treat

For the past several years, Marist College has been enthralled in Halloween Spirit. The Gartland Trick or Treat is an annual event run by the Student Life Council and the Resident Student Council’s on campus.  Each year, Marist faculty and staff, as well as families from the community, are invited to come share in the Halloween festivities on the Gartland Commons. Children, dressed up in costume, trick or treat from apartment to apartment as the residents of Gartland pass out candy and wish the families a Happy Halloween. In addition to the trick or treat excitement, each resident student council stations a different activity that the families can participate in.

This year it was estimated that more than 300 people came to partake in the Halloween festivities in Gartland that occurred this past Sunday from 1:30 PM to 4 PM. Valerie Piscitello, the President of the Gartland RSC, and her executive board did a phenomenal job decorating the Gartland Commons and preparing for the event. In addition to Gartland’s RSC, the RSCs from Champagnat, Leo, Sheahan, Marian, Midrise, Foy/North End, Upper Fulton and Upper West Cedar, and Lower Fulton and Lower West Cedar each sponsored a different activity to entertain the families on Sunday. These booths included cupcake decorating, caramel apples, pumpkin painting, cotton candy, costume contests, beverages, and coloring pages. There were more than 35 apartments that participated in handing out candy to the trick or treaters. The RSCs and residents of Gartland did a fantastic job this year. This event provides a safe and fun way for families to enjoy Halloween together.

-Kara Baldwin

Class of 2012

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