Weekend of Marist Fall Athletics

My favorite time of the year is the fall. One of those reasons is because of football! Football is a fun sport to watch and a great place to hang out with family and friends. My brother came up to watch the football game with me this weekend when Marist played Davidson. It was brisk outside so my brother, my roommates and I were all sure to grab gloves and blankets before we headed over to Tenney Stadium to watch the event. We grabbed seats right on the 50 yard line so we would be able to see all of the action. Since we were sitting so close to the field, we were even able to hear the players and coaches talking on the sideline. At halftime, since it was so cold outside, we walked over to the concession stand to buy some hot chocolate and pretzels. But, not before we enjoyed the halftime show put on by the dance team, cheerleaders, and Marist College band. They are always so entertaining! It was a very exciting game! Our freshman quarterback threw 3 touchdown passes for the Marist Red Foxes and there were other players who played impressively as well. Football games draw large crowds and you are really able to sense the immensity of school spirit that we have here at Marist. At the end of the game, we hung around to congratulate the players and some of my friends on how well they played. It was a great afternoon spent supporting my peers and endorsing that Red Fox spirit!

Since I played soccer for all of my childhood and adolescent years, I make an effort to attend as many soccer games as I can! The Marist Men’s soccer team is really good so I was definitely excited to attend. My parents and siblings love soccer as well so they decided to drive down for the game! Since it was another chilly day all five of us were decked out in what looked like winter gear! The game began at 1pm and was action packed until the end. Marist kept the lead the entire game! They scored quickly and stayed in the winning position. I never realized how fast all of the boys are on both teams! It is incredible to watch how fast and well skilled the players are with the ball. It was a very physical game on both ends, but that only added to the entertainment of the match.  At halftime my family and I headed down to the concession stand to grab lunch. We all had hot chocolates and hotdogs; the epitome of a sporting event meal!  Once the second half began, Marist continued to score goals! The most impressive goal was when a Red Fox defender came up into the box for a corner kick and headed the ball in for a goal! He did a victory lap, jumping up and down and yelling in excitement. It was his first goal ever as a Red Fox so it was very exciting to be a part of that moment! Marist defeated Canisus 4-2 in their last game of the season! After the game, my family and I walked around campus and soaked in the beauty of the Hudson River. A perfect way to end a lovely afternoon.

Both blogs by: Milena Carrese

Want to know more about Marist Athletics? Check out their website: http://goredfoxes.cstv.com/

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