MCCTA performs Snow White

Marist College Council on Theater Arts’ (commonly referred to by students as “MCCTA”) production this semester was Snow White. We have been rehearsing since September; every night spent practicing lines and blocking scenes. It is hard to believe that it’s all over! But let me tell you, this was an experience I will surely never forget! While I am only a freshman, I had the opportunity to be stage manager for this show, and I am beyond satisfied with the experience I’ had, and the friendships I made along the way. Too put it simply, it was unlike anything I have ever done before.

What is cool about this show is that it is 100% created for children.  There were eight shows, and six of them were geared towards local schools that booked in advanced.  From kindergardeners to third graders, the audience was filled with kids! It was great to see their reactions, being a young adult; it is easy to forget how easily happiness can be brought to those younger than us.  But, if there is one thing I can say about our production of Snow White, it is that we surely accomplished pleasing our audiences. Everything from our rendition of a “magic word” to a “magic act” during intermission brought smiles from ear to ear to all those watching. The kids even had the opportunity to tell jokes on the stage! While most of their jokes didn’t make any sense, it was still awesome to have them included!  Saturday’s afternoon even featured a luncheon, where kids were able to interact with the characters while enjoying snacks. This meet and greet not only featured the characters, but also featured photo opportunities and face painting!

Although this show is put on for the audience, it is easy to say each and every cast member gains something out of this experience. For starters the freshman are able to open up and meet upperclassmen.  MCCTA is a great way to break your nerves, make friends, and have fun. What is especially great about the club is that prior experience is not necessary! There is always a job for someone, whether you are acting on the stage, fixing the lights, or behind the scenes creating props. It is guaranteed anyone can find his or her place.

–       Jackie Mucilli

Want to know more about MCCTA? Check out their website!

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