Marist Ambassador Visits High School

It’s safe to say my first high school visit as a Marist Ambassador was a total success!  Although I had to get up before the sun rose in order to make it to first period, nothing, not even the October chill and storm clouds overhead could dampen my spirits.  I was given the amazing opportunity to speak to two classes of seniors directly for a full forty-five minutes, in addition to being posted in the guidance office for two periods.  Once I started talking to the students about my two-year long college search that led me to Marist, why I love it there, and what my experience has been like as a freshman thus far, I couldn’t seem to stop!  There was just so much I wanted to tell these kids about college life at Marist.  All of the seniors seemed genuinely interested—they asked a lot of questions about the school, and I even had the chance to talk more intimately with students who were strongly considering Marist after my 1st and 6th period presentations to the senior classes.  I didn’t expect that a lot of students would turn up in the guidance office during 2nd and 3rd period, but boy was I wrong!  Tons of interested students showed up, and really enjoyed going through the view book and asking questions—one student asked me why I didn’t bring Marist pens for all of them!

Marist November Sunset over Midrise (photograph taken by: Brittany MacLeod class of 2013)

My presentation 6th period was probably my most nerve wracking.  The class was quite rowdy and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get their full attention.  Lucky for me, once I started talking they seemed to settle in quickly.  Halfway through my speech, the PRINCIPAL of the school walked in to listen to what I had to say about college and life at Marist!  After my speech was over, she said she was really pleased with what I had done today, and hoped to have more student speakers come and talk about college in the future! I felt such a swell of pride; I couldn’t stop smiling.

I loved that I got to meet and talk to so many interested students.  There was one boy who came to all of my guidance office meetings, and was also in the first period class I spoke to! He really wants to be a Red Fox! Seeing that kind of school spirit meant so much to me, and I hope that by talking to so many students today, I was able to spark more student interest in the college.  The cherry on top of this awesome day was finding out there are a bunch of students at the high school who are really interested and eager to shadow me!

I’m so glad I was able to go talk to those high school seniors.  Being able to openly discuss something I’m so passionate about—the college I chose, and seeing other students eyes light up when I talk about it is really rewarding.  I’m already planning and looking forward to my visit in the spring.


– Casey Galasso

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