Avenue Q

So for a few weeks, since I had bought my ticket and consistently heard my friend raving about the show, I had been anticipating my trip to New York City to see Avenue Q.  Saturday night we had a little movie party in the lounge to make sure we got to bed nice and early (even though early turned out to be 2am) to be ready for the bus that would be arriving at 9 on Sunday morning.

With clothes all picked out and ready to go, I was able to sleep in until about 8:50 (probably not the best decision, but the bus didn’t leave without me!).  My friends who were going with me slept in my room that night because my other roommates were home for the weekend, so it was a bit crazy with 3 girls trying to get dressed all at the same time.

I have absolutely no idea how long the ride was, because I slept even though my friends were studiously doing their homework.  When I woke up we were on the outskirts of the city, so I enjoyed the views of one of my absolute favorite places for the ride in.

When we finally drew to a stop on 49th, we realized that we had about 3 hours until show time.  So, of course, what’s priority #1?  Food!  And as the only one from my group of friends actually from New York, I was designated the one to pick out the place to eat.  I found this deli that was absolutely amazing!  It was super clean and fairly large, and you could see all the fresh vegetable choices for salads, bowls of eggs for breakfast, and even pizza on the far side.  As tempted as I was by the pizza, I decided that an egg sandwich (with lots of bacon) was the way to go as it was before noon.  My friend Ali got a humongous salad where she picked each individual component and watched it get tossed right in front of her (as a vegetarian my basically bacon sandwich was no appeal to her) and Jordan got a chicken wrap where she had the same options.  I personally love the cafeteria food at Marist, but the food from this deli had to be one of the greatest things I have ever tasted, plus it wasn’t too expensive as can usually be expected in the city.

After we ate, we discovered that we were right near a street fair that had to be about six or seven blocks long.  We decided to go! Ali and I tried on everything from hats to scarves to sweatshirts.  It was extremely fun until I realized what a sad day it was for my wallet! 5 hats, 2 scarves, 3 pairs of earrings, a shirt, and a sweatshirt added up quickly!But once we got to the theatre I convinced myself that all of these things were necessary (I mean I do wear a lot of hats) and I am sticking to that thought!

So anyway, we got to the theatre and were some of the first ones in.  I had never been able to afford many Broadway shows, so this part of the trip was fairly new for me too.  And my seat couldn’t have been better; 3rd row center!  And I didn’t even get anyone tall sitting in front of me!

The show was amazing!  It was funny and entertaining, and the performers were simply fabulous!  Their voices carried through the theatre and they were all over the place, changing from scene to scene flawlessly.  I don’t want to give away too much of the actual story, but for someone like me who is not a theatre major by any means, the show was fantastic! Plus I was lucky enough to meet the cast afterwards!  Both Ali and I were milling around after the show waiting for Jordan on the long line for the bathroom, talking excitedly about everything we had just seen, and saying about how incredible it would be to be able to meet the cast.  So I decided we should do just that.  I left Ali with the bags to ask if meeting the cast was possible and I was told exactly from where they would emerge when they changed.  I grabbed my friends and we ran over there, trying to act nonchalant, like we actually had a purpose for being over there besides trying to talk to the cast.  But all that fell away when they came through the doors.  We were so excited, introduced ourselves, and shook hands with a bunch of them.  They were so nice!

So, finally, satisfied with my purchases, the show, and my day overall, we boarded the bus.  I had such a wonderful day! I hope to see more Broadway shows through College Activities in the future! The price is unbeatable! $25 for a day in the city, a broadway show and a bus ride to and from? Priceless.

–Kristy Stevko

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