Marist Soccer vs.Manhattan

It was a perfect night for a soccer match. It had rained for a few minutes prior to the start of the match leaving the turf covered by a sheet of water. The players lined up under the lights of Tenney Stadium at Leonidoff Field and were named one by one by the commentator.  Then silence spread through the crowd as the commentator announced the start of the national anthem. The crowd began to clap as the anthem ended and the players ran into their huddle as they were given a few final words from their captain. Out of nowhere their coach entered the huddle and the team broke out into screaming and yelling, pumping each other up before finally counting to three and whispering “together” as a group. The referee blew the whistle and the game commenced. The first fifteen minutes both teams had the ball and it was a close game. However, after these first fifteen minutes Marist began to keep the ball and inch closer and closer to finding the back of the net. Marist missed many chances at opening the scoring as Manhattan had barely any chances if any. Finally in the thirty-fourth minute Alex George slipped the ball to Krystian Witkowski at the top of the eighteen yard box and Witkowski fired it passed the Manhattan goalkeeper into the back of the net. The chances continued to come for Marist as they could have lead by three or four goals into the half.

The second half began just as the first had ended. Marist maintained a lot of possession as the chances to make it two to nil continued to come.  Marist continued to play balls over the top of the back four defenders and the chances continued to miss their target. Finally in the seventy ninth minute of the game Witkowksi received the ball running forward and before reaching the end line crossed the ball through the middle, his pass was met by the sliding Anthony Rozmus as he stretched out pushing the ball into the back of the net. Only minutes later Lucas Szabo was fouled inside the penalty area as he ran towards goal. The referee awarded Marist with a penalty kick and Witkowski buried his shot into the bottom left corner sending the goalie diving in the opposite direction. This would be the final goal or Marist as they continued to dominate until the clock reached zero.

– Alexandra Makowski

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