Radio City Christmas Spectacular

My roommate and I, neither natives from New York, wanted to experience that “Christmas in New York” feeling everyone talks about. We were determined to find the best way to tackle our challenge when low and behold, a flyer for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Trip on December 5th was in front of our eyes. SPC, the Student Programming Council and the Marist College Dance Ensemble sponsored the trip for a bargain cost of $25. That twenty-five dollars would provide complete transportation via Coach bus and tickets, that were priced at almost $80 to this very well known performance. How could we possibly pass up this deal?

On the day of the show, we left Marist a little after nine and as every minute passed, my excitement grew. I felt like a giddy child waiting for Christmas morning, and when I stepped off the bus, I was ready to explore. Before yesterday, I had only ventured to New York City once before, so I wanted to see as much as I could before the show started.

Our group of five took pictures at the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, the giant red ornaments in front of the Fountain Plaza, and throughout the busy streets in Time Square. Time flew and we soon had to find our way back to Radio City for the show. As we stepped into to beautifully decorated Plaza, we presented our tickets and received a brochure with 3D glasses. Our seats were dead set middle, the idealistic place any audience member would want to be. The show began with the Rockettes performing the Twelve Days of Christmas as we stared in amazement. Santa then appeared and we watched a virtual 3D version of Christmas in New York. The remaining scenes including The Nutcracker, Toy Soldiers, Magic in the Air, The Nativity Scene, Joy to the World and more were filled with such detail that I will never forget this memorable show.

As the trip came to an end and we all found our way back to the bus, my roommate and I discussed how lucky we are that our school offers great trips for such a low cost. SPC has sold tickets to Broadway Shows like Chicago, put on Open Mic and Bingo nights, and has never failed to show a good movie during the weekend. With all the events I have attended through SPC, I have had great experiences, and plan on taking advantage of future trips next semester.

So, thank you SPC and Marist Dance Ensemble, because although I absolutely love Christmas time at home in Boston, for $25 I was able to experience the feeling of Christmas in New York! Hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

Margaret E. Crateau

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