It’s the most wonderful time of the year in NYC…

As the strings of light start shining and the cold weather starts to come through Poughkeepsie, it seems like the perfect time of year to take a trip down to New York City. With the holiday season buzzing, Marist provides a great opportunity for students to take a shopping trip and enjoy the magical scenes that New York City has to offer during this time of year. For only $5, you can buy a ticket for this trip and are provided with a coach bus ride in and out of the city. This trip is similar to the Broadway bus trips that Marist provides about once a month that costs $25 and include a bus ride in and out of the city along with a ticket to a major Broadway show like Billy Elliot, Avenue Q, Chicago and even the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

My friend and I had been thinking about taking a trip to the city during the holiday season and were planning on taking the train since the station is only about two minutes away from Marist, but when we heard of this trip, we decided to jump on the opportunity! So on Saturday morning we jumped on the bus at 10 A.M. and took the ride to the city. Once we arrived in NYC, we decided to reach all the sites that we could. Since my friend lives in Pennsylvania and I am from Long Island, I decided to be our tour guide for the day. The bus dropped us off right on 42nd street in Times Square and we headed to our first destination: Rockefeller Center. We reached Rockefeller Center and after many attempts at getting the perfect picture of ourselves and the tree; we finally got a great picture. We then walked around the area around Rockefeller Center and saw the ice skating rink and Radio City. After Rockefeller Center, we headed towards Harold Square and the Macy’s window displays. Harold Square was also buzzing with carolers and other holiday displays. As we enjoyed the sites, we realized our stomachs were growling and that it was time for lunch. We found a cute restaurant called Jack Dempsy’s where we had delicious hamburgers and potato skins!

After lunch, we shopped. Thankfully we both did not bring too much money with us because we are trying to save, but we window shopped and enjoyed our time going in and out of all the different stores. After a long and fun day in the city, we picked up Crumbs Cupcakes for the bus ride back to Marist. After only a few minutes on the bus, we both fell asleep for the entire ride back. We both decided that we are definitely taking advantage of this trip again next year. We took this same trip last year and couldn’t pass up the low price of only $5 for such a fun day! New York City is such a fun place to be during the holidays and I am so glad we got to spend the day together enjoying all the sites!

-Chrissy Boshnack

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