Study Abroad Fair

When I was applying to schools, I never even considered studying abroad as a factor in my decision as to where I would attend. It’s not that I hate traveling, I just never pictured myself studying in another country. By the middle of freshman year at Marist though, I had heard so much about studying abroad that I began to seriously consider it. It seems like at least half of the students here go abroad for a semester. I’ve been wavering on the decision since then. Would it be awesome? Yes, of course, but do I really want to be away from home for 3 months? That I wasn’t so sure of…

I decided to look online and found a bunch of short-term abroad programs happening this spring. I found this one great program, an Irish lit class that travels to Dublin during spring break this year. After careful consideration and a chat with the professor leading the trip, I decided to apply. The deadline isn’t until mid-November, so I’m still waiting to hear back. I plan on using this week long abroad experience to gage whether or not I could survive an entire semester overseas.

I decided to check out the Study Abroad Fair in the Cabaret. I figured I could go quickly and pick up some information about the various programs offered. I went to all of the tables featuring my potential destinations of interest: Ireland, England, and Australia. I talked to a few students at each table who told me stories about their experiences abroad, which seemed to make my decision a lot easier for me. I walked out of the fair ready to go abroad next week. Now my decision isn’t whether or not I can adjust abroad, but whether or not I can arrange my schedule abroad to be able to fit in what I need to.

-Brenna McKinley

For more information about Marist’s Study Abroad Program, check out the website:

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