Wrap Up of First Semester of Freshman Year

Well Red Fox Nation,

The time is FINALLY here! I cannot believe that I am finished with my first semester here at Marist. It seems like just yesterday that I just moved into my dorm and said goodbye to my parents in the parking lot, saying “I’ll call you later!” instead of, “See you later!” At that day, I knew that I was not seeing them again until Family Weekend, which was over a month away. For a month I was on my own here at Marist, and had to find my own way. Fast forward to December, and I am wrapping up my first semester of classes at Marist. I am sad to say goodbye to all my friends here, knowing that I will not see them again until January when we come back for second semester. In a way, it is like saying goodbye to my family at the beginning of the year. It seems like I’ve spent years with my friends; however, in reality it has only been about 4 ½ months.

Speaking of second semester, I cannot wait to come back to more snow on this campus and to take part in the cliché of sledding on the hill in front of the James A. Cannavino library. We went sledding when it snowed; however, we have been told by numerous upperclassmen that it only gets better as it snows more. I am excited! I add that night of sledding to the list of memories that I’ve made here so far at Marist, and I know that more memories await for me in Poughkeepsie when I come back to school in January.

And in case any high school seniors are reading this blog- and I hope that you are, I want to wish you the BEST of luck in your college process and where ever you decide to go, whether it be Marist or another fine institution. Make the choice that is best for you and everything will eventually fall into place. I am a member of the Ambassador’s Program here at Marist, so if those of you that are accepted to Marist and join the official facebook group, Marist Class of 2015, feel free to ask questions for not only myself, but other Ambassadors! We are here to help you make the right choice!

Happy Holidays!

Mike Brosseau

Class of 2014

This will be the last post for the winter break, see you in the Spring!!

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