Visiting London while abroad

One of the best things about studying abroad is that you have friends studying in other places and you can go visit them. They know their way around so you can have your own personal tour and get to see your best friends!

Well we arrived in London at about 3 in the morning. We woke up ready to go. We saw everything….and walked the entire way (wear comfortable shoes traveling, your feet will really appreciate it!) We started by seeing Kensington Palace(where Princess Dianna lived), then went to Buckingham Palace, to Westminster Abbey, to Parliament(Big Ben), to the London Eye, and then got lost in the worlds biggest arcade/mall where you could pay only a pound to get electrocuted! Then we met back up with the group and went on the London Eye. This is like a giant ferris wheel and you can see all of London from it. I am so happy we did this because the view was incredible. That night we went out for my roommate Lisa’s Birthday. Going out in London was pricey but so much fun!

The next day we went to see/walk on Abbey Road- I was where the Beatles had taken the picture for their album cover! For all you Harry Potter fans…we headed over to the magical Platform 9 and ¾. After we cast a few spells and flew in a few cars we went to the Tower Bridge and traveled home passed the London Bridge(not what I was expecting at all) in a red double decker bus.

The next day in London we went to the mother’s house in the Parent Trap movie and of course did Annie and Martins handshake! We then went into Harrods, which was decorated for the Christmas season! Shopping time!  The next day we had to be at the airport at 4 in the morning so we got our fish and chips and called it an early night. London food is definitely not the same as Italian. I think I am starting to get spoiled here!

I thought London super nice, it reminded me so much of New York City!

-Angela Scherba

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