A Day at the Observatory

During the first days of my winter vacation, Los Angeles was having nonstop rain. Therefore those days at home were relaxing but nothing exciting had occurred. Don’t get me wrong, after many days of a lot of work and watching television with my family was paradise, yet I wanted to do something fun and new. As soon as the sky cleared up, my dad decided that he would take us to the Griffith Observatory.  Both of my siblings had already visited the observatory during class fieldtrips and loved it, but I never had an opportunity until that day. I was excited to go because it had recently been remodeled and was one of the top places to see.


One of my first thoughts was that I have never been a science person. Regardless, I decided to still go. When we arrived I stood corrected, the observatory called your attention as soon as you drove up the hill to the parking spot. It was so full that day that we had to do a 15 minute walk to get there, but it was worth it all. As we walked up to the observatory we saw the beautiful Los Angeles scenery. There are skyscrapers and thousands of city lights and of course the Hollywood sign. It was a perfect day to go visit.



Although the scenery caught our attention the main attraction was inside. As soon as we entered there were telescopes, experiments, and everything else that may explain the universe. Exhibits such as Hall of the Eye explained the evolution of the human observation of the sky and then there were other exhibits that explained the connection between science and mythology, which is all intriguing. My personal favorite was the exhibit in which a person could weigh themselves just as if they were in every planet. It was absolutely incredible, from the inside and out. The Griffith Observatory is an attraction that everyone should visit whenever they have an opportunity. I’m sure I will be paying a visit when the summer comes around.


Melissa Zuleta

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