New Hampshire Natives take a trip to Beantown!

This past summer I went to Australia, with a group of my friends, through EF Tours. It was the time of our lives. It also just so happened that a movie about Australia was playing in the IMAX theater at the Boston Museum of Science the weekend of Jan 8th. Three of my friends and I decided it would be a jolly good time to jump in my Corolla and head on down to Beantown for the day, so we did just that! Jamming out to music in the middle of bipolar New England weather was both thrilling and frightening, depending on how heavy the snowfall decided to be.

We eventually pulled into the parking garage for the Museum, had to wait for our friend, Nate who had dropped his cell phone in a trash bin, and then strolled over to the entrance to pick up our tickets. After eating extremely overpriced food in the café, then poking fun at items in the gift shop, we were finally able to enter the theater and take our seats. The screen was more along the lines of a white dome, with a projector in the middle, making it seem like the viewer was right there hopping beside a kangaroo. The movie itself was enjoyable. It showcased some bizarre aspects of Australia, such as how the middle of the Outback will turn into a huge lake every period of years due to massive rainfall and flooding. Shots of baby koalas clinging to their mothers also made for an “awww” inducing experience.

Thoroughly satisfied, we exited the Museum and drove to our next place to visit: Harvard Square. There was a great area right near Harvard’s campus that had some incredible stores. One such place was the Curious George store. We perused the items in there, along with Urban Outfitters and The Co-op (an amazing bookstore). It was all fun and games until we realized our parking meter was about to run out. The four of us finally reached the car and piled in, out of breath but glad we beat the timer with two minutes to spare. After discussing our next stop, we agreed upon historic Newbury Street. I say historic, because as most students should know, Newbury Street is where Newbury Comics takes its name!

After running three stop signs by accident, (New Hampshire people aren’t very skilled at driving in crowded cities) we pulled into a parking spot and jumped onto the sidewalk ready to shop and spend the rest of our money on things we could get back home tax-free. But hey, shopping is about the experience, right? We made trips to The North Face, Starbucks, and of course, Newbury Comics. The coolest store there, however, was the Converse Store. A whole store devoted to the coolest shoes on this planet! We tried on shoes that were custom-made. We designed our own shoes with “The Guru.” Lucky me even found a pair of Converse I had seen online months before, for half off! Grabbing a pair in my size, I walked out of the store with a grin on my face and a bag that said, “Looks like someone got a new pair,” in big black letters. Next we went to the Apple Store to pick up a few necessities. Not content to let us spend our money exclusively at stores, however, the City of Boston left me a nice orange parking ticket resting under my windshield wiper. Ugh.

But I wasn’t going to let that get me down. Instead, we cruised away toward the North End, our last stop, for some Italian food. Finding a nice hole-in-the-wall brick oven pizza place, we shuffled in and were seated by a British waiter. Yeah, we were caught off guard too. But the food was genuine Italian, and was the perfect end to an amazing day. I sort of wish everyone didn’t fall asleep on the way back though, leaving me to drive home with just the crazy weather and Jack Johnson keeping me awake.

-Alex Berube

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