Florence Abroad Students Visit Paris

We were able to check into the Hotel early and sneak in a quick nap. Then we went on a walking tour and

saw ALL of Paris. It was really cool because the tour guide pointed out a lot of the little things that I wouldn’t have noticed without a guide. We went out to dinner that night and I got Escargot which I really enjoyed.

Escargot(actually quite delicious!)

My roommate Trish and I in front of Cathedral Notre Dame

The next day we got up early and were ready to go into all the buildings we had seen from the outside the day before. The first place we went in was Notre Dame which was absolutely beautiful both inside and out. It was cool being in the place where Napoleon proclaimed himself ruler. Then we walked to the Louve…well guess what day the Louve is closed and guess what day we were there. Yup. Tuesdays. Remember that. So we didn’t see the Mona Lisa which I was kind of bummed about but we still had a lot to do after we took our pictures with the invisible pyramids.

We went to the Opera House and then to the Musee D’Orsay which is an impressionist Museum. Monet has a lot of his works there. Except there was a Monet exhibit going on in a different location so only 5 of his 53 most famous works were actually in the Museum. It was still really great to see all of the other works in the museum though.  Then we headed over to see Napoleon’s tomb which is buried underground because he wanted everyone to have to bow to him when they looked at his tomb, kind of a good idea if you want to get praise for the rest of your life. Then it was finally time… We bought our baguettes and were on our way to the Eiffel Tower.

This is a piece of architecture that you don’t think is as incredible as it really is until you are actually looking at it. We provided all the people that were having picnics with entertainment while we took a million pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Then it was time to climb. We started out hike up the Eiffel Tower while it was still light out. By the time we got to the very top the sun had set and we watched the city light up. I think Paris might be the most beautiful city in the world at night time. Then all of a sudden the first light show of the evening went off. There were flashing lights everywhere. It was an awesome experience. Once we got down we took even more photos of the tower at night and my friends went on the carousel. Then it was time to watch the light show from the ground. What a beautiful sight! After more pictures were taken we headed to the arch which had a giant French flag waving in the middle of it. Soon after, we made it to the Moulin Rouge which, like everything else in Paris, looks awesome at night. Then I put my beret down and got ready to head back to Florence.

Hint for travel to Paris: If you are studying in Europe all you have to do is show the museums your visa and you get into any museum for free! (trust me you will have to put yourself on a budget eventually so this really helps)

-Angela Scherba

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