Emerging Leaders Workshop

I had the pleasure to attend an Emerging Leaders workshop. Since I am a freshman, I had no idea what to expect of what I would be doing in this workshop. I was hoping that I could sit in the back of the room and just enjoy the lecture but the workshop turned out to be much more exciting that I had originally projected…

The workshop’s main topic was focusing on groups and the difference between successful groups vs. non-successful groups. We as a giant group, comprised of all grades came up with words to describe both of these categories. After discussing some past group experiences we were split up into mini groups and given a task.

After meeting my group members, all of which I had never met before, we were given the task to come up with a building that would be pleasing to look at and the tallest of all the groups. The challenge was that we could look at the materials we were given but we were not allowed to touch them and we were given 15 minutes to brainstorm but only 2 minutes to build. As ideas came flooding in from all my group members, it was obvious that our group would be successful. My group was never negative, always open minded, cooperative and determined (which are all words that were previously described to us as a successful group).

After building and comparing our building to others it was obvious we lost, but we were overall winners. After attending this conference it was unique to see just how important it is to be a team member in anything that you take part in throughout your life. This conference was very informative for me and I was pleased to take part in it because it positively benefitted me in the end. I am looking forward to attending more workshops from the Emerging Leaders Program at Marist!

-Chelsea Weston

Interested in joining the Emerging Leaders Program?

Email: emerging.leaders@marist.edu

Check out their website: http://www.marist.edu/studentlife/firstyear/emergingleaders.html

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