Florence Feels Like Home

I’ve always felt at home here in Florence, but recently I realized that this place really is my home. Here is the closest thing I have now, and in no way is that a bad thing. I realized this year- well actually in only a few short months- that you don’t need the house you grew up in or the room with all your childhood things to be comfortable somewhere. You just need the people in your life that matter, and for me most of them are right here with me.


It’s scary how quickly everything can change. Months ago I didn’t know any of the people I interact with every day now. When something’s wrong I don’t go to someone I’ve known all my life, I go to someone I met through FFE. When something funny happens, I immediately go to someone here to share it. Even looking towards the future, I see myself growing up with these people. Plunging into the same crazy experience together brings people a lot closer than sharing a couple classes in high school.

Just last year at this time I was sitting in a crowded high school parking lot, with immature students beeping and yelling at each other, freezing to death in my little silver Hyundai, hoping to God that the traffic would hurry up so I could get home and go back to sleep. Now I’m at work in an office in Florence, Italy, actually looking forward to the rest of the day. It’s so hard to believe that this is only the beginning.

– Jordyn Fahey


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