Walking in a Marist Wonderland!

Hey everyone,

If you thought snow days in high school were cool…there’s nothing quite like a snow day at Marist! College students get just as excited for snow days as everyone else. We were all thrilled with the fact that there was supposed to be a heavy snow storm at night and fantasized about how great it would be to get classes off. My hall mate set up my cell phone to receive texts if school was cancelled and we all went to bed exhausted and hopeful. I was thrilled to get a text early the next morning saying that classes were cancelled here due to the snow and ice!

I was supposed to have four classes that day so I was very relieved! I started out the day by sleeping in until around 11—a luxury because there’s usually so much to do during the day. Then my friends and I decided to celebrate. Some of us went sledding to explore our winter wonderland on campus. Others slept all day to recover from a long week of classes.  One of my friends and I decided to explore campus—and it was gorgeous outside. We packed on lots of warm clothes and walked around campus taking it all in. We went down to the river and enjoyed a beautiful view of a layer of ice travelling down the river, with trees laced in ice and a perfect blanket of snow all over campus. We brought cameras and took pictures of our winter wonderland. It was hard to show just how quiet and pretty outside, but hopefully it helps show off campus a little bit…

We finished off the day by warming up inside with dinner and hot chocolate. It turns out I have a bunch of great classes this semester, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting another chance to take a day off and enjoy the snow!

-Claire Mooney

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