Your Potential Is Only Limited By Your Excuses!

Communication is not an option. Toastmasters International is an organization on campus whose purpose is to help people improve their communication and public speaking skills in a positive and reassuring environment. Toastmasters teaches people how to become better speakers and how to become a leader. Although Toastmasters is an international organization that is built mainly for adults in the corporate world, Marist’s chapter has flourished and tripled it’s membership this past year. The advisor, Dr. David Gavin, who is a Distinguished Toastmaster (aka “DTM”, which is the highest accomplishment and honor in the Toastmasters program), is a true definition of an advisor. He oversees and offers advice to the student executive board, but does not lead it, which is part of the reason why Toastmasters has been so successful this year.

Marist College Toastmasters Officers with Advisor, Dr. David Gavin

Unlike clubs governed by administration, Toastmasters has experienced a complete renovation thanks to the seven student leaders who run it. I have the honor and responsibility of being President of this chapter of Toastmasters.  My other officers and I believe so wholeheartedly in their organization that they began a recruitment process, which they named “Toastmasters Invasion Week”. The Marist College Toastmaster officers went and spoke with professors in each school within our campus to see if they could speak for a brief five minutes at the beginning of their class to pitch Toastmasters to their students. Every single professor that we asked agreed to allow us to speak in their classrooms. This movement was huge not only for the club’s success, but for the impact it made on Marist’s campus. Before the Toastmasters Invasion Week, not many people knew about Toastmasters, or the essential life skills that they could experience and gain from joining. Now, when you walk around campus, everyone knows or has heard of Toastmasters, it’s prestige on campus and that it is a resource to them to practice communication skills and public speaking. Marist College Toastmasters has become an outlet to students and faculty in the Marist community. It is a means of friendship, leadership, communication, fun, excitement, learning and success. This organization is an example of a warm and welcoming community that benefits Marist by helping create strong bonds with others, but also to help people become confident in him or herself. Toastmasters motivates the Marist community by existing from this motivational quote: “Your potential is only limited by your excuses.”

Brittany MacLeod

Class of 2013

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