The Benefits of Winter at Marist College

Winter in the northeast is not many people’s favorite season. This especially holds true at college where, walking from class to class, students are forced to deal with the inclement weather that winter brings. This winter has been no exception; Poughkeepsie was hit with several snow storms and many bitterly cold days. If you ask any college student, they could easily describe to you the horrible feeling of walking to class early in the morning ankle deep in snow, hands numb, and with wind turning your cheeks to ice. It is these cold days that make most students wish for summer or at least for the end of this never ending season. Although I agree that winter weather on a college campus is dreadful, there’s one thing about Marist that makes the snow and ice much more tolerable…

If you stand in front of the library at Marist and look out towards the river, the view is always spectacular. However, there is something exceptional about the view in the winter time. Maybe it’s because I’m usually experiencing the winter blues, but the winter wonderland view of the Hudson River always cheers me up. The landscape looks as if it is straight out of a painting: the hills are softly coated in pure white; the branches on the trees are cased in sparkling ice; and the river snakes between the mountains. One day I decided to brave the cold and walk down to the river to get a closer look. The river flowed as normal, but on this winter day beautiful, giant chunks of ice floated with the current creating a spotted appearance on the surface of the water. It’s a magical scene and almost too beautiful for words. Even in the dead of winter, the Marist campus continues to impress me with its amazing views.

-Emily Baksa





There will be no blog posts for next week because Marist is on SPRING BREAK! WOOHOO! We will begin posting again on Monday, March 21st at 11am!

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