Marist takes on NEACURH at NYU

NRHH Boardroom at NYU. Can you spot MARIST?

By the end of your freshman year at Marist College, you realize that there is SO MUCH MORE to college than academics! One of these (indirectly scholastically affiliated) organizations that I am involved in is called NEACURH, which stands for North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. I recently went to NYU to represent Marist as a delegate and representative in the NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary) boardroom for their “NEACURH Mini No-Frills Conference”. The purpose of NEACURH is to collaborate with other colleges and universities to see how their schools function and do particular things (i.e. sustainability, structure of housing, community service, residence hall programs, etc) so that we can bring the information back to our school and improve life on campus. To participate in NEACURH, Marist chooses a delegation of students who have applied to represent them at the conference. Once the delegation is chosen it is time to get to work!

Making the banner

Before the conference, the Marist delegation had to be creative, innovative and educational to qualify for participating in certain contests within the conference. We had to make banner and display in which both had to pertain to the theme of the conference as well as incorporate Marist. Our delegates also worked very hard on passive and active programs. Marist was lucky enough to have ALL of our delegates present a program during the conference!!! This was a huge honor for us because a lot of other school’s programs got turned down, but ALL of our programs were accepted! We worked hard to get to NYU and were more than ready by the time the conference came around!

1st delegation to get the spirit stick!!!

Once we got to NYU, we KNEW that we were going to come back to Marist successful and hopefully win a few awards. We set a new Marist record of getting the spirit stick 3 times during the course of the conference! We were the first delegation to earn it and the last as well as somewhere in the middle. The spirit stick is up for earning every 30 minutes to the delegation that is most spirited and makes the most noise! Marist did not have the largest delegation at the conference, but our red fox spirit was heard! One of the programs that we presented earned a slot in the Top 10 award category and we also won a spirit challenge!

Marist ladies at Banquet

Attending a NEACURH conference is a life changing experience. I have a huge appreciation for Marist College and I value that I am chosen to bring back ideas to help improve life at Marist. One of the most satisfying parts of NEACURH is attending the banquet at the end of the conference where everyone dresses up very nicely (while still having hints of their school spirit incorporated into their outfits) and sits through the award ceremony. It’s very rewarding to earn an award at NEACURH, but it is also just as fulfilling to see other schools be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments! I am proud of Marist College and all that our delegation has accomplished at NEACURH! I hope to attend Nationals this spring!

Brittany MacLeod

Class of 2013

right before we won the spirit stick

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Want more information about NEACURH? Check out their website!

They’ve got a twitter too!!/NEACURH

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