Florence Abroad Students Visit Greece!

24 hours on a bus and then a cruise/ferry and we arrived in Corfu. The Pink Palace: no definition would suit it. The first thing we did was sign up for the ATV tour that took us all around the Island. What a great way to see everything! We rode on the beach, up to the smallest church at the very top of a hill, we saw all of the olive gardens carved into the sides of the hill, we stopped at a coffee shop and had our first Greek coffees(avoid this, Italian is sooooo much better), and after all of that we rode all the way to the “Best View in Corfu” where we were going see everything, including Albania! That evening we had dinner at the Pink palace and then all went dancing in the club that is connected to the hotel.

The following day we got up early once again and went on the boat cruise all around the Island. We had to swim out to get onto the boat. The first place the boat anchored was at some cliffs in the middle of the Sea where of course I chose to go cliff jumping! We got back on the boat where we danced and met new people. The next stop was a beach that you can only get to by boat. The sand was so perfect and it was so warm I fell asleep right there. Then after a quick nap we jumped back onto the boat and headed back to the pink palace to get ready for the Toga Party (in pink sheets of course) with Greek dancing and plate smashing! What a great night!

The next day we decided to take a break from all of the tiring activities and go into the town of Corfu. Corfu isn’t a Greek island like you see in the movies (San Torini) but it is very beautiful. We saw the oldest monastery in Greece, the Byzantine castle, and were still able to go shopping in town for the Greek eye and other souvenirs. Then, after watching the last beautiful Greek sunset we got all packed up and headed back to Florence. Anyone who wants to take me back to Greece, just let me know when.

Angela Scherba

Class of 2012

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