We are approaching the end of the academic year at Marist, which means two things, long-term assignments are due and SPRING FEVER! Although Marist is starting to crack down on work, activities are still in session! Before I get sad about the seniors graduating, there is still time to have some fun! The nice thing about long-term assignments is that you can do a little bit of work each day and still have some time to spend outside as the weather gets nicer. I spent one Saturday taking pictures of campus. I have not been back down to the river yet, but I will get there soon for sure!

After a fun day of taking pictures, I ventured off to New York City on SPC’s last broadway trip, which was Wicked. I got to spend the day in NYC AND see Wicked AND have transportation covered for a WICKED GOOD price of only $25! Thank youuu Student Programming Council! After eating lunch at Junior’s with my boyfriend and his family, we spent the rest of our time in Toys R Us and the Disney store before heading to the Gershwin Theater. I LOVE all of the lights in the city! I especially love seeing the advertisements and billboards. It’s fun to see what is “Times Square worthy”. The line for the ferris wheel in Toys R Us is always very long, so I did not get to ride on it this time, HOWEVER I did find this really cool light in the Babies R Us section by the strollers! It looks like a giant flower! I thought this light was AWESOME until we went to the Disney store where I found a GORGEOUS chandelier that I could definitely see myself having in my home one day!

After shopping around the city, it was finally time to see WICKED!!!! I had been extremely anxious to go see this on Broadway! I saw it Off Broadway in Providence last winter, but nothing compares to the real Broadway!!! The show was everything I imagined. I laughed, cried and even had the chills during some of the songs because the actors and actresses were so good! My favorite part of the show was the ensemble! They truly enhanced the performance and their costuming was incredible! My boyfriend and I had volunteered for Girl Scouts of America when they took a trip to the Gershwin Theater for a workshop with the actors and actresses from Wicked, so we knew one of the male actors in the ensemble! It was really cool to know someone in the show and be able to pick him out! I cannot WAIT to see what SPC has in store for Marist next year!

As for the rest of this year, I am looking forward to the Taikoza presentation as well as the double feature of The Dilemma and No Strings Attached!!!! You won’t want to miss out!

Looking forward to a WONDERFUL Spring,

<33 Brittany MacLeod

Class of 2013

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Want to see what else SPC has planned? Check out their website: http://clubs.marist.edu/spc/ or follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/spcatmarist

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