Ambassador Makes Calls for Open House to Class of 2015

As part of my contribution to Ambassadors, I decided that I wanted to help with making phone calls to members of the incoming class of 2015 not only to see if they were coming to open house on the 9th or 10th, but see if I could answer any potential questions the new freshman had stirring in their brains. Luckily, I got quite a few students who were so incredibly enthusiastic on the phone, that I could truly feel their happiness resonating through the phone lines. I remember I called the house of one young man, and he sounded absolutely elated. When his mother picked up the phone at first, she said to him “It’s Marist calling!” I overheard him say: “Seriously?! That’s awesome!” He was so thrilled that the school of his dreams was calling HIM to see how HE was doing. It put the biggest smile on my face and made me so incredibly happy to answer any of his questions. Not surprisingly, we talked on the phone for a good 20 minutes. As an incoming Communications major, he was so thrilled at all the potential opportunities Marist holds for him and its location near NYC. He said he already felt incredibly welcomed by the upperclassmen at Marist so far, and whenever he had a question, he felt like it was answered properly and promptly. When I hung up from that phone call, I had the same grin on my face when I found out I got accepted to the Marist Class of 2014. I guess knowing you’re associated with Marist really can put a dopey grin on your face! Congrats, Class of 2015!!

Lauren Wennell

Class of 2014

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