Words from a New Marist Tour Guide and Orientation Leader

Dear Red Fox Tales Readers,

I am now a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office, something that I always wanted to do, and in addition I am officially and Orientation Leader for the Class of 2015 this summer!

Being a tour guide is one of the coolest jobs here on campus, and it is one of two that I have. My other job is being a show room for admissions, so if you have visited Marist and taken an Admissions Tour you have probably walked through my room! To become a tour guide, I went through three phases of training and the last of the phases involved giving a tour to a member of the Tour Guide executive board. I was incredibly nervous for my Phase 3 test because it involved me actually giving a tour to someone who would know if the information I was saying about the campus was correct or incorrect. I felt the pressure but thankfully, I passed my Phase 3 with flying colors and today I am officially one of the newest members of the Admissions Tour Guides! If you were at the recent Open House for Accepted Students, you probably saw me greeting families or running around giving tours! I loved seeing so many Accepted Students here on campus that were excited because they had either definitely decided on Marist, or they were here to make their final decision. Hopefully, we have many more Red Foxes sending in their deposits for the Class of 2015! My favorite thing about being a Tour Guide is talking to prospective students and their families and telling them my personal experiences at Marist, what made me feel like Marist was the right fit, and why I know I still made the right choice. I will give you a short answer in one sentence: Because everyday I wake up and realize that I love the community around me, as well as the academics. These are two incredibly important aspects of college life, and for me, I am still having the time of my life.

Moving on to the OTHER big news since I last posted; I am officially an Orientation Leader! When hearing that I got the “OL” position, I immediately called my parents and explained to them what it meant. It meant that I’ll be here at Marist over the summer working with incoming freshman and introducing them to everything that is life at Marist as an official Red Fox. It is a job that past Orientation Leader’s describe as “the time of your life”, and “the second family you develop away from home”. I can only hope that these two things are true, as I am incredibly excited to be an Orientation Leader. I remember the excitement and the energy that the Orientation Leader’s had at my own orientation a year ago, and I can only hope to recreate the Disney magic.

The next big piece of news is something that the ENTIRE Admissions office is involved in, extending to Student Ambassadors on campus. The Marist Admissions office hosted it’s first Overnight Shadow Program for Accepted Students at Marist. As a member of Ambassadors, I volunteered to host a Shadow Student. This was an incredible opportunity for Marist to begin a new program, and see if it is something they can continue doing. It enables Marist to show prospective students what life here on campus is like beyond the classroom. We had students from California, Texas, Maryland, Vermont, North Carolina, and the list goes on! We had mocktails and appetizers in the Cabaret before a dinner in the Cornell Boathouse. It was an amazing event, and it was made possible because of the Admissions Office, as well as the Ambassadors Program. A MAJOR shout-out goes to the Ambassadors executive board. Without the executive board and Student Ambassadors, none of it would have been possible.

With that being said, I am incredibly happy with the way my second semester at Marist is going. I am even more involved in the community on campus, and I love every second of my time here. It makes me incredibly emotional to think that my Freshman year ends in one month! Where did August go?!

Until next time, Go Red Foxes!

Michael Brosseau

Class of ’14

One thought on “Words from a New Marist Tour Guide and Orientation Leader

  1. Michael .. Just found your email! Sorry for the delay. I was thrilled to be pictured with you on this blog site. It pleases Grandpa and me to have you involved in your college community. Every life experience contributes to what we are and hope to be. The females flanking both sides of you are stunning … that is the broadest smile on your face I’ve witnessed! Love, Grandma

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