LGSA Defined

Questioning Transgendered, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbians? I say they’re allies.  I’m part of Marist College’s LGSA community. A supportive, welcoming environment opens with a confidentiality clause and ends with hugs, loves, and sometimes tears. Having this group helps me cross the threshold of keeping with my family standards and expectations and having some free will with my love life. We all grow up differently and sometimes knowing that on this small campus there are people that care that you have a story, history and struggles that are similar to themselves. It helps because this campus is still helping open eyes of sheltered students. What really helps is that we have support from everywhere.

Recently we had faculty come lead a discussion about how they are raising their kids, their struggles in becoming a family, about their partners openly and sharing stories about raising families and how they came to be seated in front of around 35 people in the commuter lounge. I stayed after because, like any oblivious student, I didn’t know that there were many faculty at Marist that were openly out or that had partners or raising kids and I wanted to know about the relationship between the faculty and Marist.  It was so amazing to have faculty there and talk about their experiences and “scheming” about end of the year parties and how we can host more student-faculty LGSA oriented events.

I never leave there questioning. I leave that small room filled with large ideas about how to implement change in my college community and how these people help me fill that innate desire to stir things up, protest and a commitment to help change.

Jesenia M. Sanchez

Check out LGSA’s website for me information and upcoming events! http://clubs.marist.edu/lgsa/

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