Blackboard Scribe

My name is Alyssa Bronander and I am a true believer in karma, an advocate of continuous self-discovery, and a breakfast enthusiast.

I knew that when infamous senior capping season rolled around I would have to find a project that intertwined all coursework I had completed thus far in my time at Marist. I knew that I would have to find something which proved academically enriching, professionally appropriate and personally rewarding, but I also wanted some fun. Alas, KarmaWaffle was born.

The New York Times best-selling book SoulPancake is the content inspiration for my blog, which I fittingly named KarmaWaffle. SoulPancake challenges its readers not to chew on large portions, but rather “life’s big questions”.

As a student of Public Relations, Communication Studies, and Global Studies I challenged myself to make the small bites of enlightenment I provide well-promoted, well-versed, and internationally acclaimed. I documented my dabbling regularly, asking readers to join me in uninhibitedly flipping their own flapjack.

Some of my most popular posts have been that of a task called, “Blackboard Scribe” in which the reader scribbles their life motto in chalk on empty pavement. I went on a month long mission writing encouraging quotes on blackboards for students to find, hoping to provide them with motivation.

KarmaWaffle readers responded well to this professor-approved graffiti, and even provided me with their favorite quotes to help with my ‘scribe-spiration’. Below are some of the results…


Die-hard SoulPancake fans will know that the task I am referring to in this post is actually Sidewalk Scribe (pg.5). Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, I could not find a clean or dry sidewalk to chalk up.

Weather, shm-eather.

Step 1: Sum up your personal philosophy on life.

Step 2: Acquire chalk.

Step 3: Find a blackboard.

Step 4: Bust out your pseudo-inner-vandal and scrawl your message for the next class to see.

After my evening class I wandered into an empty classroom with a large empty board and a big piece of chalk (don’t you just hate the little pieces?).

I had spent the previous class period looking up inspirational quotes appropriate for the classroom. This one by Johann Gottfried Von Herder, a German philosopher (and heartthrob), caught my eye.

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”

I’m feeling that Johann.


I am hoping that the sleepy students who walked into that room at 8:00 am saw my work and felt motivated and empowered. Or the teacher promptly erased the message, replacing it with POP QUIZ, which I am sure would have the adverse effect. I guess I’ll never know…

Now, it’s your turn, find a sidewalk or blackboard and scribble away!

No chalk?

Comment with a quote that describes YOUR personal philosophy, and I’ll scribe it somewhere on campus. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Bronander

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