MTV’s TRL Awards

Thanks to our beloved “Jersey Shore,” MTV Italia’s TRL Awards were hosted in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence.  Piazza Santa Croce, the traditional “stage” for all Florentine celebrations since even before the reign of the Medici, was the central focus of Italy for one evening.

On this evening, thousands of tourists, students, and residents packed the piazza to get a spot in the audience for the TRL Awards.  Some students skipped class to get there hours ahead of time and secure a close spot.  Others (like myself) debated going.  For one, I hate crowds.  The idea of any kind of group of people larger than ten puts a frustration in me that nothing else in the world can (is my New York showing?).  Second, the awards would be completely in Italian, so I would really have no idea what was going on.  Yet, with the TRL Awards right in my backyard, this once-in-a-lifetime experience shouldn’t be passed up; and what’s more, I’d finally get to hear authentic Italian pop music—something you don’t hear often over the barrage of American “hits.”


Not wanting to be a prude and miss out on the most golden opportunity, I ventured down to Piazza Santa Croce with some friends.  We were greeted by just what I expected: a sea of Italian undulating as one to the music of their country, which I could not understand.  Without thinking, we dove in, searching for a comfortable place to stand and watch the show.  We were never satisfied, however, and close never seemed to be close enough.  Finally we reached a point where we were relatively close, but with zoom it seemed like we were front-and-center.  We were delightfully surprised by how likeable and catchy Italian music is, which was immediately followed by frustration that they didn’t play their own music more.

After tiring of the crowds we danced our way back through the mob.  Despite my hatred of all things crowded, I loved the TRL Awards, and wished I could have stayed out later, but I had 9am class the next morning.

Kathryn Herbert


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That’s all for Marist Foxtales for this year, folks! Hope everyone has a fantastic summer! Stay tuned for more Marist Foxtales this fall.

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