One Voice, One Sound: Music Camp 2011

Hello and welcome back, Marist Foxtales readers! My name is Brittany MacLeod and I am a junior at Marist College. This year I had the privilege of moving in early before classes started to participate in music camp! I am in “Singers”, which is a club on campus for students who sing in choir. At camp we have the opportunity to meet the rest of our “music family” before classes begin. This helps us strengthen our club in friendship, getting a head start on learning the music for quickly upcoming performances and improving our quality of sound.

After I moved in to my housing on campus, I went to dinner in the dining hall with all of the other music students. It was such a nice welcome back from the summer to see all of my music friends and other early arrival students (including athletes) at dinner. Seeing all of my friends got me excited for camp and for my junior year at Marist!


The next day was the first day of camp! All of the upperclassmen students in the music department are assigned to a freshman “buddy” to assist with the move in process and guide throughout the course of the year within the different music programs as well as other general Marist activities. Most “buddy” relationships turn into strong friendships. Not only does this help the freshmen feel comfortable entering Marist, it also helps the upperclassmen get to know underclassmen, improving our friendships and work ethic as a club. I was very anxious to meet my freshman buddy on move in day because I had corresponded with her on facebook and via texting many times. Her excitement for Marist made me remember when I moved into Marist early for music camp my freshman year and brought back all the same excited feelings! My buddy, Courtney, turned out to be extremely sweet and I am so glad that I met her. We had fun during camp, but our friendship has continued past camp and into the school year. I showed Courtney all around campus, helped her find her classes, showed her what it’s like to live in upperclassmen housing as well as introduced her to a lot of people she will want to know at Marist. I am very proud of her progress thus far at Marist and am happy that I have had an impact on her life, as she has on mine.

Once the upperclassmen moved our buddies into their residence halls, it was time to sing! We sang endlessly for hours over the course of a 3 day period, but we made time for fun in between! The singers board planned numerous social activities for us to partake in. One night after rehearsal, we played trivia. We also had a music department social where everyone met in the Cabaret and danced. My favorite activity was the Foxhunt! (more commonly known as a scavenger hunt). The singer board made a list of riddles regarding Marist history and focal points on campus, and we had to solve the riddle, then take pictures where the answer to the riddle was. We got extra points for being creative in how we posed for our pictures. Although my group did not win first place, we won the “fastest” award because we completed our Foxhunt first!

Aside from singing and making friends, singers would not be what it is without the amazing Sarah Williams! Sarah is the director of choral activities at Marist. When I was a senior in high school, so I auditioned for the music scholarship at Marist and Sarah was the woman who auditioned me. After my fifteen-minute audition with her I knew that whether or not I earned the vocal scholarship at Marist, I wanted to sing for her choir. Sarah is a fabulously charismatic woman who always brings buckets of enthusiasm, humor and professionalism into every rehearsal. On the first day of singers camp each year, Sarah teaches the choir that “mediocrity is unacceptable”. This is something that not only pertains to our choir, but also our education at Marist and life in general. She is an inspiring woman that really knows how to get the year going!

Now that camp is over, singers meets twice a week for rehearsals. We have a lot of exciting performances coming up! Our first performance is a remembrance concert with the band on September 11th in front of Lowell Thomas at noon. We will be performing at family weekend on September 30th at 8:30pm in the McCann Center, so be sure to buy your tickets now!

I could not be more excited for my junior year at Marist! I have my singers family, new buddies and a wonderful year ahead of me!

Brittany MacLeod


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