Shooter The Fox Is Back at Marist!

WELCOME BACK MARIST COLLEGE! Shooter here, checking in with the Red Foxes after a bittersweet ending to the summer but quite the exciting start to the new school year. With the first week surprisingly behind us already, I wanted to update everyone with how my experience was this past week.

Once I got settled in, after finally lugging all of those heavy boxes up to my room, I made the Bookstore my first stop. You’re not allowed to bring dogs inside the store, but they never said foxes weren’t allowed! So I picked up my books and I stood in that long line while I got to watch all of the familiar faces pour into the Bookstore to pick up all of those last minute necessary school supplies. You know, room décor, a new red fox t-shirt, and the newest issue of sports illustrated. My books get bigger and heavier every year!

Even with the weather allowing us another day of summer, all of my classes met for the first time this past week. The first class is always my favorite one of the year. You finally get to meet the professor and all of your class mates. Not to mention, there is no homework due that you may have possibly forgotten about! The class introductions are the best – I always love to meet new people and gain new friends. Ironically, you would think by now I would not have to introduce myself to everyone, but every once in a while you meet someone that has never been to a basketball game before.

After all of my classes met, it was finally time to check out the Activities Fair. Every year the Student

Government Association sponsors this AMAZING event that has a TON of different stands showing us all of the different clubs Marist offers.

Shortly after arriving to the fair, I was immediately welcomed by my friends on the cheerleading teamand members of the Generator magazine. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I was featured on the cover of the Generator and it was cool to see my irresistible face all over their magazines on the table! After that, I tried to sign up for the ROTC program, but they said my tail was too big and I wouldn’t be suitable for crawling. Yeah, crawling – what kind of fox doesn’t know how to crawl!? I even raced through an inflatable obstacle course and had them record my time to show that I could make the bar. But It’s probably better that I did not qualify because I had already signed up for 23 of Marist’s 80 clubs. Don’t even ask me how I have the time!

I am especially excited to represent the Student Booster Club. I cannot wait to really kick-off the school

year at the Marist Football Home Opener against Georgetown on Saturday, September 24th at 1pm. I hope to see the rest of you loyal red fox fans there as well!

Aside from all of that, I think my favorite part of the week was riding on the golf cart with Bob Lynch from College Activities. I could get used to that! I think I’ll talk to our Student Government about starting a student golf cart service.

Best of luck to everyone this year. Be sure to look for me at all of Marist’s sporting events. You KNOW I’ll be there cheering on my red foxes!


Shooter with members of The Generator Magazine



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