Katie Takes on VH1 Summer Internship in NYC

This Summer I interned with VH1 Digital in New York City.  VH1 is a part of MTV Networks which is a branch of Viacom.  Viacom is one of the world’s leading creators of entertainment content.  While interning with VH1’s digital department, in the simplest terms, I helped put together content for the VH1 website.  This content included full episodes, episode highlights, best moments of the season, bonus clips, themed reels/playlists, and sneak previews.  I also worked on projects that involved social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

UMA Program

During the first two weeks of my internship, I was required to become familiar with VH1’s current television programming – Single Ladies, Mob Wives, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Basketball Wives, and Famous Food.  After watching a few episodes of each show, my supervisor, Ryan, taught me how to use the program UMA.  UMA is the program used to put together the content that can be found on VH1’s website.  Once I learned how to use UMA, I began building content on my own.  I worked on piecing together the content of full episodes, bonus clips, and episode highlights, mainly Basketball Wives, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Famous Food, and Saturday Night Live (VH1 recently received the copyright for some recent episodes).

In addition to working with UMA, throughout my internship, I was given other responsibilities.  One task that I completed each day was finding content to post on the Facebook page for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Single Ladies.  Using Google Alerts, I searched for any content related to either of these two shows or cast members – articles, blog posts, pictures, videos, fashion, music, etc.  I then found the best two or three results and posted them onto the Facebook page for that particular show.  Within minutes, there were multiple viewer comments.

Working with UMA

One of my favorite responsibilities as an intern was pulling episode highlights from a show that has yet to air.  For example, I would watch an episode of Celebrity Rehab that was set to air that upcoming Sunday.  I watched the episode in its entirety and then pulled five to six moments that represented the best moments of the show.  Once I had the time code points for each segment, I filled out a Microsoft Excel document and put in a request ticket to DES (Digital Encoding Services). DES is the department that encodes the tape format into a digital format that can be used for the network’s website. DES encoded the segments that I selected, so that I could eventually build together the episode highlights on UMA.

Throughout my internship at VH1, I learned that the work I was doing was productive and beneficial to my department and company.  I was learning valuable skills and programs while eventually seeing my work come to life on the VH1 website; I could go to the VH1 website and point out a number of things I had put together for a variety of VH1 shows.  As an intern, I took pride in my work and feel valuable to not only my department, but to the company as well.

I had the opportunity to meet with various people in different departments related to my interests of combing music with television.  Each informational interview taught me about the various departments that are related to music within MTV Networks; I also learned a lot from hearing each person’s past experiences in this field.  These informational interviews were also a form of networking; I now have increased my number of contacts within this company.

One thing that I loved most about my internship was the company that I worked for.  Everyone had been extremely friendly and helpful.  The atmosphere was very casual and laid-back as it fostered creativity.  In addition, as an intern, I really have appreciated all of the programs/events hosted by the College Relations Department.  Not only was there an orientation and kick-off party at the beginning of the Summer, but throughout the Summer there were programs about cultural diversity, different departments, and how to be successful in this industry.  I have had an incredible experience, and I hope that the contacts I have made will benefit me when it comes time for me to look for a job after graduation.

Katie Meena

Class of 2012

Follow me @KMeena720


Interested in an internship at VH1? Check out their website: http://www.mtvnetworkscareers.com/internships/

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