Nothin’ Better Than A Summer At Marist!

Red Fox Nation,

I’m back!!! It was a long summer vacation but the time has come where I am finally on campus again and kicking off my sophomore year here at Marist! My summer was an extremely busy one, and thankfully I was able to work at Marist. In addition, I worked at home and spent some time with my friends and family. I’m a bit of a workaholic, as the majority of my summer was spent working (and wishing I was back at Marist!)

Last year ended in the most amazing way possible. I got good grades, made amazing friends, and had an overall amazing experience for my freshman year. Shortly after last semester ended, I returned to campus as an Orientation Leader to work with the incoming freshman Class of 2015! This was one of the most AMAZING experiences of my life, as I made 30 new friends in my fellow Orientation Leaders, and then met amazing freshman, who are going to do incredible things here at Marist. As an Orientation Leader, my job requires a lot of hard work and preparation, but with a simple goal in mind. That goal is to show every freshman that they have made the correct choice in choosing Marist. I had the best partner in the world, Lina, who showed me the ropes of being an Orientation Leader. She is an tremendous example of what it means to be an Orientation Leader at Marist, and if I could be half the person she is then I’ll be extremely happy! I also had an wonderful staff to work for as a part of First Year Programs from Robin Torres, Director of F.Y.P., to Colin McCann, Maryellen Conway, Wilberto De Los Santos, Melissa Lulay, and last but not least, Brother Michael. They put in a lot of time and effort into training all the Orientation Leaders, doing exercises that taught us how to work as a team. Being an Orientation Leader was one of my best experiences at Marist, simply because you get to work with so many faculty members, as well as incoming students and their families.


Another Marist related thing I did this summer is that I was a Resident Assistant for the Marist Summer Pre-College Institute. As an Alum of the program, I was extremely excited for this opportunity. For two weeks, I would get the chance to be an “RA” for Marist, and once again help high school students see why Marist is the BEST choice out there! I also made some close friends with fellow Marist students. In addition, I created special bonds with some of my residents, including my international student from Switzerland, who because of this program, is applying to Marist as his number one choice! We went on a few cool field trips including going to a baseball games and going to see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie in theaters! Some of my residents were incredibly smart and I could definitely see them make an impact at Marist. Hopefully they will get accepted and I will get to see their faces as Future Foxes on campus next summer at Orientation!

Until next time!

Mike Brosseau ‘14

Learn more about the Marist Summer Pre-College Institutes

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