You Don’t Want to Miss the Alumni Weekend TweetUp!

Mark your calendar! On Saturday, September 24, I, alongside fellow seniors Anthony Filocamo and Marissa DeAngelis, will be hosting the Marist Alumni Weekend TweetUp. The event will last from 3:30-6:30, taking place partly in the Saland Patio in the back of the brand new Hancock Center then we will move to the Hancock Center projection room. Refreshments will be served and a great time will be had by all.

Many have come up to ask me about the project since a lot of people don’t know what a TweetUp is. Well, it’s simple. A TweetUp is a gathering of people that are friendly on Twitter to have the opportunity to meet up in person. Some TweetUps have more of an academic focus where they learn about social media from their peers; some are entirely social and can be a gathering at a bar or restaurant.

Ours is going to be a little of both.

The event will commence in the Saland Patio of the Hancock Center, located behind the building. There, students, faculty and alumni will get together for the first time for a mingling introduction which will last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. The TweetUp will then shift to the projection room of Hancock, where the remainder of the TweetUp will take place. We’ll engage students and alumni together so students can learn from alumni and make some connections. For any grade this event will be beneficial but it’s especially poignant for seniors; with graduation so sadly and terrifyingly looming over our heads, the “real world” is coming closer and closer every day. In a non-threatening and comfortable atmosphere, any student will be able to talk to alumni about life after graduation: tips on how to adjust, interviewing tactics and dos and don’ts, where to work and perhaps most importantly, what to do now while at Marist to best prepare us for when we do graduate.

Nobody knows the day-to-day grind and life of a Marist student better than those former Marist students who experienced it themselves in the past. Therefore, there’s no better mentor for the real world for Marist students than Marist alumni. Who knows? Maybe alumni with jobs may have an opening or a connection for one of our current students for when they graduate?

Not only will we connect and have a good time, but students and alumni will also hear from faculty and other alumni about what they have done with social media, thereby creating a “social media” roundtable of sorts. Obviously, all those attending the TweetUp will have some sort of experience and enjoyment in using Facebook, Twitter, foursquare Goggle+ and more. Students will learn from professionals, while alumni will likely learn of a different way to use the sites due to student’s creativity and constant use of all the social networking sites.

Students will even have the opportunity to learn from those alumni in their major. The discussion won’t necessarily have to delve toward social media; any topic related to their major that comes to mind can be discussed. For communication majors, the discussion may be about the future of Google+ or which social networking site is best for startup businesses. For business majors, they can talk about social media’s ROI, its place in marketing, or even about entrepreneurship in general. Political science majors can talk about the upcoming elections, how politicians are using social media and things along that nature. Like I said, the talk doesn’t necessarily have to be involved with social media. The fact that students are connecting and meeting professionals in their interested field from Marist will be wildly beneficial for the development of their craft, whatever that may be.

So, come to the Saland Patio behind the Hancock Center at 3:30 on Saturday, Sept. 24. We hope to see you there and promise you won’t regret it!

To RSVP, please visit Tweetvite and sign in with your Twitter account.  Also, visit our Facebook Event page.

Luke Shane 

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