2011 Resume Day Recap

I had the pleasure of speaking with employers from Target, Kohl’s and IBM at today’s Resume Day regarding their reactions to students resumes. All of them came up with three observations/suggestions they had for students:

1. A senior’s resume is held to higher expectations than a sophomore’s. As you get older, an employer expects one’s resume to be professional. If your resume reflects that you do not have strong experience in resume writing, it will hurt your chances of getting the internship/job. Be sure to utilize the resume writing workshops and tools career services provides to you as you go from being a freshman to a senior. A freshman’s/sophomore’s resume will most likely have more club activities on it exemplifying participation, involvement and leadership. A junior’s/senior’s resume should showcase your internship experience and practical work you have down that reflects the internship/job requirements that you are applying for. Remember, you are selling yourself to the employer and your resume is your best tool to do that!

2. A student should have more than one resume based on the job they are applying for. If you are an accounting and finance major, you should have one accounting resume and one finance resume. Although being knowledgeable in two fields is helpful, employers want to see your experience in the field that the job pertains to. By listing that you are a double major, they will assume that you most likely also have experience in the other field.

3. Social media outlets are one’s friend or foe. Most employers today know that potential employees have a Facebook and even a Twitter. I am sure you all have heard this numerous times but it is important to keep both of them appropriate. Another thing that impresses employers is if you are utilizing privacy settings. When one is actively exercising their privacy settings, it shows employers that you made a smart judgment to hide your personal life, so that they do not have a bias against you. If an employer goes to your Facebook and is able to see everything, including inappropriate pictures, it portrays you in a negative light and also shows that you were not wise enough to set privacy settings. Some may say that it isn’t fair for an employer to judge someone based on their personal life, but if you are hired, you are a representative of the organization and it is only natural for employers to hold their employees to a set of ethical standards, even outside of the workplace.

Remember to come into Career Services in LB 332 if you have any questions regarding resumes or career planning!

Alexis Murphy

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